welcome to the blog!
I really never know what to write with these things. (Even my instagram and twitter bios are blank haha) but I just wanted to start this blog to share all the things I have been doing in my life lately. 
I was a little hesitant in starting this because I felt like my life would be exposed and people would think "Oh yeah she started a blog...weirdo." But then I realized I don't really care if people think that...because I mean, it's true, I am a weirdo :) haha and also I choose what to share. Of course, I will share the wonderful things that are happening in my life, but don't forget that everyone has their trials and hardships and usually don't share those negative aspects about their lives on a public blog. I am hoping this blog uplifts and helps other be happy more than anything else.

love you all and thank you for visiting!